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We offer these quotes from the popular science website,

Although sperm whales have not been driven to the brink of
extinction as have some other whales, a new study has found a
remarkable lack of diversity in the maternally inherited
mitochondrial DNA within the species.

In fact, the mitochondrial DNA from more than a thousand sperm
whales examined during the past 15 years came from a single
"Eve" sperm whale tens of thousands of years ago, the researchers

Results of the study are being published this week in the journal
Molecular Ecology.

"Sperm whales have been in the fossil record for some 20 million
years," said [Scott] Baker [associate director of Oregon State's
Marine Mammal Institute], a co-author on the study, "so the
obvious question is how one maternal lineage could be so
successful that it sweeps through the global population and no
other lineages survive? At this point, we can only speculate about
the reasons for this success, but evolutionary advances in
feeding preferences and social strategies are plausible

Feeding preferences and social strategies are definitely not
plausible explanations. Think about it. One measurement
indicates that sperm whales are happily swimming about for
20 million years. Another measurement indicates that the
original female sperm whale lived 10 thousand years ago. The
only plausible explanation is that at least one of these
measurements is incorrect.

Please carefully consider what Dr. Baker is claiming. This is one
more example of why no one should ever be intimidated by
scientists. That doesn’t mean that science is bad (science is just a
method), but it does mean that scientists can make enormous