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Brit Hume is a conservative, Christian news analyst for Fox
News. Before that he was chief White House correspondent
for ABC news. He has fifty years of experience reporting news
spanning US presidents from Johnson to Obama. Whatever
one’s opinion of Brit Hume, it has to be admitted that few
people have observed US politics as closely for such a long

Here’s what he said recently regarding the recent embrace of
gay and lesbian lifestyles by the general public:

“This is as fast a reversal in public opinion as I’ve ever seen on
a major issue, particularly one that’s contentious.”

That’s an important observation. It gives some perspective to
the rate of disappearance of Christianity. Recall that Christianity
is based on the Bible. Make no mistake, the Bible rails against
homosexuality, reserving its most stern warnings and condem-
nations to that end.

Brit Hume’s observation demonstrates that Bible-believing
Christians are disappearing at a faster rate than ever before.