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Christians are hated all around the world. The reasons for
the hate vary in detail but are similar in essence.

A word of caution: not everyone that claims Christ is Christian.
In the same way, not everyone that claims Allah is Muslim,
neither is every Jew a Jew nor Atheist an Atheist. The list could
go on.

There are tenets to every religion and when the tenets are
confused or twisted, the worshipper may be mistaken in what
they say they believe. For Christians, the articles of faith are
spelled out in the Bible in a straightforward way. Some
confusion will always be expressed, but itís not necessary. The
same is true for Judaism and Islam. Read what is written. No
scholar is required to understand the basics as they are stated

So why is there universal hatred against Christians?

One reason is that Christians believe that God has a name. This
is a personal name just as each of us is identified by our personal
name. No one knows why God has chosen a name, but we can
say with certainty that it allows us to know God better as it sets
God apart. For example, we know that our God is not only
unique, but uniquely superior. All other gods are inferior.
Having a personal name also allows us to know that our God is
identical to the God of the Hebrews, but distinct from the god
of Islam and all others.

We are hated, therefore, because we believe that salvation may
only be granted by our God. Our God rules, in other words. We
are hated because we believe that God favors the Jews. We are
hated because we believe that homosexuality is wrong and
should not be celebrated. We are hated because we believe
that God created us and we exist as children under the authority
of our Father God. We are hated as the Bible is hated because
we believe the Bible is the voice of God calling everyone to
repent and believe the good news.

We know this God because He has a name.