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Itís time to do a quick review of some of the points weíve
established over the last few years. Letís restrict the
discussion to that which is proven and therefore not
subject to debate.

1. Evolution as a worldview is ignorant.

Start with a primordial quagmire and arrive through
random, undirected processes at a seagull or a scientist.
According to a basic-principles application of statistical
thermodynamics, thatís the most unlikely occurrence in
the known universe. In spite of its overwhelming
popularity, the Atheistsí favorite creation myth is

2. Resurrection has eyewitnesses.

What about Christianity? Is there evidence for that?
Consider the earliest reaction of those closest to the
source. One reason for the quick spread of early
Christianity was the eyewitness accounts of trusted
sources. If five hundred of your closest friends told you an
identical story, you might possibly be moved to believe it.

3. Christianity has more logical support than Atheism.

Eyewitness accounts are always useful in the courtroom,
but if they donít count for you, then the Bibleís predictive
prophecies might do. We direct your attention to the
sidebar articles for plenty of the rock-solid evidence that
is so scarce for Atheism. Thereís enough evidence on this
website to get you started on the road to discovery.

4. Atheists have poor logic skills.

Atheists say they have no beliefs. Atheists say there is no
God. Add those two statements together and let me know
what you come up with.

5. The value of scientific television programing is inversely
proportional to the number of cartoon reenactments.

Graphics and propaganda have always been close pals, but
nowadays theyíre unashamed of their scandalous affair.
When you see the cartoons but itís not Saturday morning,
exercise caution. Thatís my advice. In order to think
critically, you have to be objective, often skeptical, and
unafraid to ask tough questions. At Ponders, critical
thinking is recommended. In fact, the Bible commands
believers to love God with all our mind.