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A Christian is one who believes that Jesus of Nazareth
is the Messiah, or Christ, the only begotten Son of the
Living God.

Semantics is important in our one-sentence definition as each
element plays a vital role. For example, we include the Biblical
word, Ďbegottení, to indicate that Christ is both Man and God.
There is one God and the Father is that God. There is one God
and the Holy Spirit is that God. There is one God and Jesus is
that God. We capitalize ĎLiving Godí to emphasize the eternal,
creator God of the universe. There is no other, as the Bible
makes clear.

Christians believe that Jesus died for our transgressions, that
his resurrection to life establishes forgiveness to believers and
saves us from hell. Christ is the last and culminating sacrifice,
the freely given, Passover lamb of every believer.

The above represents the historic Christian faith supported by
a simple reading of the Bible.

Modern Christians rarely believe these tenets because they
donít believe in the miracles described in the Bible. They donít
believe in a Creation Week. They donít believe in Eden. They
donít believe in a literal Adam and Eve. They donít believe in
Original Sin and the Fall of Man. Rarely do they believe in
Satan. They donít believe there ever was a Noah and they cer-
tainly donít believe in any ark floating upon a world-wide flood.

Most Christians believe the Bible really begins in the twelfth
chapter of Genesis, rather than the first and that most of what
follows must be interpreted in the light of modern science. Bib-
lical scholarship in the modern view consists of interpretation
of the presumed allegory. Itís a complicated approach that
keeps the Bible colleges busy and the parishioners wondering
what the Bible really meant to say. In this world, Jesus is typi-
cally demoted from the Godhead to special guy status.

Most Christians believe in the overarching evolutionary world-
view. This is the worldview that teaches that hydrogen is an
odorless colorless gas that, given enough time, turns into people.
In many ways, modern Christians are indistinguishable from
Atheists. They both think they are sons of hydrogen.

At Ponders, we disagree with the modern view. We believe that
the definition of Christianity makes no sense unless the whole
Bible is true. To be clear, we believe that the Bible is true and
therefore, Christianity makes perfect sense.

We believe that Atheism makes no sense no matter how it
is portrayed.