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The Bible explains in detail and in a literal sense that Messiah
will return to Earth. This has been a major doctrine of the
Christian faith since the beginning of Christianity. Also in detail
and also in the same literal sense is the short list of events that
must precede the Second Coming.

The Bible teaches that before Messiah returns, there will be a
notable apostasy among those of faith. Atheism will increase, in
other words. The Bible teaches that the Antichrist will rise to
power. The Bible teaches that the Antichrist will stop Jewish
Temple worship and in the very Temple, he will declare himself
to be God. These are the events that must occur before Jesus

The last Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Today
there is no Jewish Temple. Thatís because there is only one place
where the Temple may be reconstructed and that is the Temple
Mount in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount is now in the possession
of Palestinians. Palestinian Islamists will never willingly permit
Jews to build the next Temple, at least, thatís how it seems
today. It is difficult to believe that this situation will change
anytime soon, yet this is what must occur before Messiah returns.

In summary, before Time can end, a new Jewish Temple must be
reconstructed on land currently in the possession of Palestinians.
This is a prediction of the Bible. It is not a prediction that must be
pulled from an assortment of disparate metaphors. It is written
clearly in simple language.

Most Christians do not believe the Bible. For example, this is an
excerpt from an adopted resolution of the United Methodist

Therefore, be it resolved, that The United Methodist Church
opposes continued military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza,
and East Jerusalem, the confiscation of Palestinian land and
water resources, the destruction of Palestinian homes, the
continued building of illegal Jewish settlements, and any vision
of a "Greater Israel" that includes the occupied territories and
the whole of Jerusalem and its surroundings.

The anti-Semitic language of the full resolution is typical of
majority sentiment internationally and across most religions.
The intent is to leave the reader with the feeling that our
Palestinian brothers and sisters are being bullied by militaristic
Jews, taking their homes and forcing them into poverty for
sinister motives.

Most Christians agree with the Methodists. They do not believe
that the land promised to the patriarchs in the Bible belongs to
Jewish people today. There are very few people that would
support any Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, in fact,
most people would support a war against Jewish occupation of
the promised land.

Therefore by implication, the Bible predicts a monumental event
that reverses this situation.

We believe the Bible.