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You may not have heard of the greatest dinosaur
discovery of all time:
Soft biological tissue belonging to
unfossilized dinosaurs has been discovered in multiple species
spanning multiple geologic eras and across the globe from Asia
to the Americas. In addition, measurable amounts of radio-
carbon have been discovered in all of the samples tested. The
radiocarbon tests have demonstrated that the dinosaur tissue is
no more than fifty thousand years old, but likely much less. The
soft tissue should not have survived in such abundance under
such widely varying circumstances for more than a few thousand

Efforts to explain otherwise fell flat shortly after the first
discovery. These include the claim that the tissue didnít belong
to the dinosaur, an iron-rich environment acted as a preservative,
or perhaps sediment formed a hermetic seal.

Even more astonishing than the discovery of fresh tissue is
the lack of news coverage of these events. The dinosaurs are
effectively being reburied.

Itís not enough for certain scientists to cover their ears. They
are working tirelessly to cover your ears.