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The most important consideration for any human being is
the discovery of their purpose. By definition, Atheists believe
there is no God, therefore they believe their existence is by
chance. They werenít designed and so they have no purpose.
Having no purpose, they believe they have no importance other
than evoking electro-chemical responses that stimulate their
nervous system in a way that pleases them Ė perhaps by eating
food they like. Importance to an Atheist is ranked by stimulation.

Atheists also claim they have no beliefs. Itís permissible for
them to make that claim since they donít believe in a basis for
morality, that is, itís good to lie if the lie advances their cause.
Having no beliefs should automatically disqualify Atheists from
the discussion. Instead, they make nonsensical arguments for
both purpose and morality provided those nonexistent prop-
erties exist on a floating scale that suits them. In other words,
one shouldnít spend time arguing with an Atheist if time holds
any importance at all.

Suppose that one agrees with our premise: that determining
oneís purpose is most important. To make it that far, one would
have to admit that they exist by design rather than chance,
assuming adherence to the normal constraints of logic.

Things really open up to those that discover their purpose. They
have a real reason for living. The goal of this website is to assist in
that exciting prospect as we are able.

Itís another story altogether for those who believe they came
about by blind chance. We point out the illogical foolishness
and morbid consequence of their conclusion and encourage
them to make a change.